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I'm Jenna. Nice to meet you.

I grew up with a deep conviction of my own unworthiness. The love I received at home mingled in my ears with the inner voice of shortcoming. The anxiety-ridden motto, "I must be better", sat heavily on my chest, stiffened my neck and upper back, and sickened my stomach.

In college, my shame converted into disordered eating, a tyrant that stuffed me with sugary calories that quiet the screams of the soul like a pillow pressed over a face. Then the tyrant turned on me & flagellated me for my indulgences with starvation diets & feverish hours at the gym. I couldn't win. I couldn't beat it.

The battle waged for years til I felt like a rag doll, tossed, bruised, & beaten by the enemy of my soul. Then, right around the time the iPhone came out & the housing market crashed, I had an even more life-changing event. Grace stared me in the face and won my war with myself. Somehow God had sized me up & found that my measurements matched those of His once dead and now living Son. "In Christ" became tattooed across my heart. A new identity, a call answered, a head lifted.

Ever turning ashes into beauty, God redeemed my hellish experiences with disordered eating & shame into a love affair with clinical psychology. Then in 2013 I met a scholar named C whose brown eyes crinkled with delight over philosophy, God's Word, conspiracy theories, and me. Those dark eyes wooed me in with promises of forever love, and in 2015 a diamond became affixed to my hand like a covenant.

I'm a California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT#90338) with a heart for women. I think that we as women are uniquely positioned to create radical movement in our world. We are wounded healers. 

On any given day you might catch me obsessing over dark chocolate, corgis, good theology, Latin music, & fashion.

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