Finding True Love

Feb 27, 2020

In this month of February we commemorate the sparkling, glowing thing called Love, but sometimes we do it without truly knowing what this thing is. We romanticize love. We idealize it. But if it crossed our paths, would we actually recognize it? Hollywood Love Our hearts and minds are shaped by Hollywood love. Love zaps […]

Christian Women & Vanity In generations past, when females took interest in beautifying themselves, it was considered vanity. As a female with a girly heart who loves all things pertaining to fashion, skincare, and makeup, I’ve wrestled with the place beauty has in the life of a Christian woman. All things can be done in […]

Guest Post by Laura Holmes ‘What is wrong with me?’ I thought to myself.  ‘Why do I always screw things up? I will never be enough, never get things right.’ Harsh, right? But for me, this was a daily dialogue inside my head.  In my mind, I was a failure and a mess who never […]

My Sabbath Story On a very average Sunday afternoon when I was about 12, my mother made a routine request. “Jenny, please wash the dishes today.” I glanced up at her, a trace of unease in my eyes, before fixing my gaze on my feet and whispering, “No.” As a homeschooled kid from a conservative […]

Quinoa is bursting with nutrition. And it’s not as hard to incorporate into your diet as you think!  A few months ago I bought a 4.5-lb bag of quinoa. To save myself from buyer’s remorse, I’ve been holed-up with my computer, doing my research about all the perks quinoa has to offer. Naturally, with 4.5 […]

Previously I shared how we all feel shame, and thus we tend to hide by keeping other people at arms length. Many people don’t even realize how they are holding back from living fully because of the unconscious shame that lives under the surface. Today I’ll give some real answers as to how to live […]

Hello! Have we met? My name is Jennifer Camareno, and I’m a Christian therapist in Southern California. My work as a therapist flows largely out of the ways my own life has been transformed by God’s grace and good psychology. To me these two are inseparable; they go hand-in-hand. Today I’m going to talk about […]

Got B.O.? Do you remember the first time you heard that stinky little acronym B.O.? I do! It was in junior high on some youth group bus excursion (specifics evade me). All the teen girls in the bus started chattering about B.O. like it was the new hottest thing. And I had no idea what […]

How are you feeling as we walk into a brand new year? With the holiday hubbub, you might feel hard-pressed to scrounge together enough stillness to contemplate a vision for your 2020. This week, I encounter moments of alertness (usually powered by coffee or a catnap) followed by long periods of messy, jumbled emotions. But […]

Have you found your Christmas spirit yet? Personally I’m loving a scaled-down, minimalist approach to the holidays this year. The simpler the better. Why? Because without the million decorations and gifts and trips to the mall crowding my life, I have more time to be present with my people. And one of the tricks to […]