If you haven’t yet read Fast Fashion Part 1, make sure to go there first and catch up! Here is part 2. Here’s you’ll learn more about the systemic impact of fast fashion on our world and the human race. Sweat Shops In the 1960’s, most Americans invested in around 25 new clothing items in […]

Fashion is one of the greatest treats of my life. But what does fashion look like when it has a conscience? I needed to know. Like an explorer ready to break new ground, I grabbed my compass and walking stick and set out on a fashion adventure. (Those are my favorite kind.) As my discovery […]

How are you feeling as we walk into a brand new year? With the holiday hubbub, you might feel hard-pressed to scrounge together enough stillness to contemplate a vision for your 2020. This week, I encounter moments of alertness (usually powered by coffee or a catnap) followed by long periods of messy, jumbled emotions. But […]