By guest author Jamie Lash (my dad!!!!!!!) As the COVID-19 crisis causes so much upheaval in our lives, perhaps we can meet our challenges more effectively if we are open to learning from brown moths.  A television documentary highlights the difficulty a brown moth has getting out of its cocoon.  It eats a hole in […]

Greetings from Los Angeles! We’ve been on lockdown here for about 2 months, and with some recent riots in addition to our peaceful protests following the murder of George Floyd, we’re adding curfews to the mix! Sometimes I find myself asking, Is this real life? But it is, and I’m here to help you turn […]

As a Christian therapist, I’m obsessed with wellbeing. But I prefer a different word for it: shalom. Isaiah 11 paints a breath-taking image of shalom in action. This utopic world is complete with wolves and lambs chilling together in the same meadow, God’s people having a big family reunion after being scattered to every corner […]

Heavenly Father, we recognize You speak comfort, comfort to Your people (Isa. 40). Though anxiety seizes us and melancholy infiltrates our days, You whisper tender words to us. We believe You are near to all who call upon You in truth (Psalm 145:18). If we turn from our distractions and cry out, You are within […]

Guest Post by Rachel Williams I’ve always liked mazes. Corn mazes, ornate hedge mazes around castles in Europe, superhero mazes in coloring books. In Tennessee, where I’m from, corn mazes were a frequent part of fall festivities. It was fun to feel lost in a familiar place, to see the field from the outside, a […]

Guest Post by Laura Holmes ‘What is wrong with me?’ I thought to myself.  ‘Why do I always screw things up? I will never be enough, never get things right.’ Harsh, right? But for me, this was a daily dialogue inside my head.  In my mind, I was a failure and a mess who never […]

My Sabbath Story On a very average Sunday afternoon when I was about 12, my mother made a routine request. “Jenny, please wash the dishes today.” I glanced up at her, a trace of unease in my eyes, before fixing my gaze on my feet and whispering, “No.” As a homeschooled kid from a conservative […]

Previously I shared how we all feel shame, and thus we tend to hide by keeping other people at arms length. Many people don’t even realize how they are holding back from living fully because of the unconscious shame that lives under the surface. Today I’ll give some real answers as to how to live […]

Hello! Have we met? My name is Jennifer Camareno, and I’m a Christian therapist in Southern California. My work as a therapist flows largely out of the ways my own life has been transformed by God’s grace and good psychology. To me these two are inseparable; they go hand-in-hand. Today I’m going to talk about […]

How are you feeling as we walk into a brand new year? With the holiday hubbub, you might feel hard-pressed to scrounge together enough stillness to contemplate a vision for your 2020. This week, I encounter moments of alertness (usually powered by coffee or a catnap) followed by long periods of messy, jumbled emotions. But […]