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COVID-19 Prayer: A Cry to God in the Season of the Coronavirus

Apr 3, 2020

Jenna Camareno

Heavenly Father, we recognize You speak comfort, comfort to Your people (Isa. 40). Though anxiety seizes us and melancholy infiltrates our days, You whisper tender words to us.

We believe You are near to all who call upon You in truth (Psalm 145:18). If we turn from our distractions and cry out, You are within earshot.

Some of us have lost jobs or business, or are laid off during this pandemic. Some of us have been out of work for months, and we feel more hopeless than ever. We cry out to You for provision. We need food, water, medical care, and all kinds of other things, because we’re fragile humans. Since You are Abba who knows our needs (Matt. 6:32), let us wake up every day remembering You alone are our source. When our hearts quake in fear, turn us back to trust in Your good heart.

Others of us have retained our jobs. We possess enough, even abundance to share. We reject the lie of self-sufficiency. We recognize that all we have comes from Your hand. Humbly, we say thank you. Guard our hearts from selfish hoarding and withholding. Shift our scarcity mindset to one that sees the abundance at Your table. Make the needs of our neighbor apparent. Fill us with zeal to serve and be generous.

For our elderly and immuno-compromised, we call upon Your compassion – You who care for the orphan, widow, and sojourner. Fortify immune systems. Provide supernatural barriers against germs.

When we’re bored, teach us to make our days count. When we’re lonely, fashion creative ways to connect. When we’re anxious, comfort us with Your bigness.

Some among us are battling depression, or even thoughts about ending it all. Let your light penetrate our desperation and despair. When we spiral downwards, remind us that Your love is waiting at rock bottom. Darkness doesn’t get the final say.

Keep us from every refuge that isn’t You. Divert us from addiction. When we are tempted to numb our pain, teach us to face ourselves. Expose and knock down our idols. Teach us to abide. Where there is deadness and decay, let the sap from Your vine enliven us and bud into fruit that remains.

Some among us are displaced, wandering the streets or nomading from shelter to shelter. Provide stability, a roof, and a community that is like family. 

For our healthcare workers, dispense rest, energy, vibrant health. Where there is shortage of ventilators, test kits, and hospital beds, rally efforts and increase production and supply. Stir our hearts do our part for our community, country, and world.

And for our sick, we turn our eyes to Jehovah Rapha! You are Doctor and Healer. Protect us from the spread of disease. Contain this virus, Sovereign God. Heal our country; heal our world!

As we look around and can’t catch sight of hope, fix our eyes on eternity. Remind us You weren’t kidding when You said You’re working all things together for good. Fan the flame of our hope for New Heaven and New Earth. We love You, and we rest in Your love today!

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