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Native Deodorant Review

Jan 10, 2020

Jenna Camareno

Got B.O.? Do you remember the first time you heard that stinky little acronym B.O.? I do! It was in junior high on some youth group bus excursion (specifics evade me). All the teen girls in the bus started chattering about B.O. like it was the new hottest thing. And I had no idea what they were talking about. Obviously something hip and refined. But of course in junior high, you don’t ask. Only dorks ask. No, you smile and laugh nervously along with everybody else in your little teen girl crowd. And you just hope no one asks you a question about this mysterious “B.O.” that you would actually have to try to answer intelligently. Well, eventually I found out what it meant. I guess it was a bit of a let down.

Aluminum in Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Anyway, if you have B.O., welcome to the human race, first of all, and secondly, maybe you’ve tried this tricky little technique called deodorant. Deodorant is great, but what about all the chemicals we’re putting on our bodies? 

Ever wondered about the buzz around aluminum in deodorants? The first thing to know is there is a difference between deodorants and antiperspirants. Deodorants keep you from stinking up the place. Antiperspirants, on the other hand, are meant to block sweat. And it’s only antiperspirants whose ingredients lists contain aluminum chloride. Aluminum chloride creates a powerful barrier between your sweat glands and the outside world. However, in recent years, some have expressed concern that aluminum in antiperspirants may be linked to cancer or Alzheimers. The evidence to support this is inconclusive. Nonetheless, many of us see value in curating a more clean and natural beauty routine, devoid of chemicals that may possibly cause us harm, even if more research has to be done.

Native Deodorant

Enter Native Deodorant! This natural deodorant contains no aluminum, parabens, or sulfates! Instead it boasts an impressive list of wholesome ingredients that are actually good for your skin and body. A few months ago I purchased one of Native’s 3-pack deodorants, along with an adorable travel-size roller ball deodorant. I bought the Native products with my own money and am not paid for this review. I do get a small reimbursement for purchases through Amazon links. Be assured all opinions are honest and my own!

I was instantly charmed by the packaging: clean, minimalist, and beautiful. These deodorants look smooth and modern (and are just plain fun to put on! How often can you say that about your deodorant?) The 3 fragrances were Linen & Cotton Flower, Peony & Jasmine Tea, and Sweet Almond & Honey. Can I just say these fragrances make you feel like you’re in a spa getting pampered. They are light and sweet, not the least bit overpowering. Putting them on your body makes you feel instantly fresher and cleaner. Coconut Vanilla is the most popular scent, so be sure to try that one!

Native deodorant goes on clear, no cakey white residue. The directions also specify you need to shower once a day. Embarrassingly, I have to admit that prior to Native, I was only showering every other day. You guys, is that gross? But to use Native effectively, I began showering daily. (You’re welcome, world.)

The package came with an unusual warning – allow up to 14 days to work effectively. Apparently switching to Native can require an adjustment period while your armpit pores cleanse themselves from whatever chemicals you were slathering on with your previous deodorant. I actually did not experience this 14-day rule at all. B.O. wasn’t an issue for me from day 1 with Native. I immediately found that it could get me through the day without unpleasant odors. 

However, it’s important to understand that you will sweat because there is no aluminum in the formula to block up your sweat glands. I remember one day I touched my armpit and was a bit surprised to find moisture (TMI?). Sweat is natural. Native is natural. It’s what you’re going to get. Dry armpits are not what God created.

At some point I admit I did start pushing boundaries and experimenting with going 2 days between showers, but that definitely was too much and by the end of the second day…let’s just say it wasn’t olfactorily pretty. Yuck. Not an option. Awakening your inner hippie and going natural with your deodorant shouldn’t make you smell like a hippie. 

One forewarning of my crunchy girl deodorant experiment is that I have been using Native in fall and winter months, so not exactly the hottest, sweatiest time of the year. There have been some warmer days here in southern California of late. I do seem prone to needing a re-touch of Native on those days. I will have to update this review once I go through the sultry summer months of July and August.

One of the most annoying consequences of keeping your pits smelling sweet can be the nasty stains that show up on clothes in the underarm area. When I read other people’s reviews, I took notice that some have had issues with garment discoloration, so definitely take that into consideration. Personally I have experienced a small bit of discoloration, particularly on a crisp white button up shirt. Still, I think Native’s staining potential is fairly minimal when compared with other deodorants on the market.

About Native

A San Francisco-based company that launched in 2015, Native manufactures not only deodorant but a range of personal care products that use only wholesome, wonderful ingredients that we actually want on our bodies. (What a thought.)


Native discloses all of its ingredients on the website here and here. A few to highlight: arrowroot powder absorbs moisture. Coconut oil soothes the skin while maintaining its healthy, soft condition. Jojoba oil and vitamin E further nourish the skin, enhancing its texture and suppleness.

What You Need to Know About Buying Native Deodorant

Native is widely accessible. You can find it at Target, Wal-Mart, on Amazon or of course, on the Native website . It’s priced at $12 a stick, which is fairly steep. If you buy a 3-pack like I did on their website, the price decreases to $10/stick. That’s still high, at least $3-$4 more per stick than I would have paid for my old deodorant. But deodorants last a while, and to me it’s worth it to avoid slathering the yucky, potentially dangerous chemicals packed into normal deodorants onto my body.

The travel size roller balls are a kick. They’re so cute, dude. I keep mine in my purse and use it rarely but it does something for my peace of mind to know it’s on hand in case of a foul-smelling emergency.

Overall, I would highly recommend Native Deodorant. It has found a cozy place in my daily routine, and is it weird to say I actually look forward to applying deodorant each day? That for sure confirms my freakdom (I always knew it) and especially that I probably need to get more of a life. But actually not, because I really think using lovely, simple products on our bodies is a way to cherish the gift of life God has given us, and celebrate the goodness of His creation. 

This is my first time ever to write a product review, so please take the time to post your thoughts below! Tell me what you liked, didn’t like, or want more of! XOX, Jenna

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