Moths and Overcoming Adversity

Stepping up to COVID Challenges with Help from an Unexpected Source!

Jun 30, 2020

Jenna Camareno

By guest author Jamie Lash (my dad!!!!!!!)

As the COVID-19 crisis causes so much upheaval in our lives, perhaps we can meet our challenges more effectively if we are open to learning from brown moths. 

A television documentary highlights the difficulty a brown moth has getting out of its cocoon.  It eats a hole in the webbing and then tries to get one of its wings out, but it has a terrible time.  It thrashes about for such a long time that people who witness this—even scientists who study this insect—will sometimes try to help the creature by enlarging the hole.  They cut a bigger slit in the cocoon.  However, when a human intervenes in this way, the moth is unable to fly.  One hundred percent of the time!  It cannot fly, and usually, it soon dies.  

In this case it would obviously be better not to help.  Why is that? 

The moth’s terrible struggle is what forces the blood up through the wing system.  The blood brings life to the wing system and activates the moth’s ability to fly.  

Isn’t it interesting that the Creator designed the brown moth to receive the ability to fly THROUGH THE TRIAL?  

Is it possible the same Creator wants to give you wonderful new abilities through the trials you endure?

James wrote:

“COUNT IT ALL JOY, my beloved brethren, WHEN YOU MEET VARIOUS TRIALS, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.  And let steadfastness have its full effect, THAT YOU MAY BE PERFECT AND COMPLETE, LACKING IN NOTHING”.

(James 1:2-4)

If I know I can gain new abilities through the trials I endure, then that makes it a lot easier to face them!  My attitude is MUCH better, because I have hope in my heart.  I may be uncomfortable, but I still have joy, because I KNOW God is up to something good.

The knowledge of God’s good intentions enables me to persevere, and not bail out.  I want to see it through.  

The Creator of the brown moth is the Creator of me, and at the end of that struggle, that moth can fly!

Many complain in the midst of their trials, because they don’t see the kindness of their Creator behind the scenes.  They feel the pain, and they may even feel bitter toward God for allowing the trial.  They don’t see what God is up to.  

Let’s put our trust in Him, even during trials–ESPECIALLY during trials.  Our God is always good.  Circumstances are not always good; but God always is.  Cultivate gratefulness and you might discover that many of your problems are opportunities in disguise. 

Jamie Lash
In addition to being a world class father, Jamie Lash is a professor at Dallas Baptist University and aspiring table tennis champ. He’s passionate about communicate the truth of God with clarity and love.

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